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Like a boss!

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HP - A bend in the future
Pairing: H/D, Pre slash
Rating: PG
Lenght: 990 words
Disclaimer: Not mine and never mine
Warnings: Cannon compliant. End of seventh year. Un-betead.
Summary: Draco brewed a potion, early in his seventh year, that he could not recreat again and that resulted in predictions that he could not believe.
It was supossed to show possible futures but, come on, it started with Ollivander, Lovegood and Griphoock being prisioners in the Manor. That made no sense at all, right?
Still, just to be safe, maybe he should remove the memories of those predictions and store them away. But Ollivander, Lovegood and Griphoock? Never.

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Spoon-feeding is over
Jae smile
Acabou-se a papinha feita. Não há mais maminha.
No more spoon-feeding.
Shit got difficult.
Know those famous Nederlands (Dutch) classes? I still remember fondly the good old days when I could get away with studying from zero to the bare minimum. That's over. I just had Reading and Writing tests, and they were difficult. Tons of words I never saw before, so I had to guess their meaning from the context, which is not an exact science. Complex questions for which I don't have yet the vocabulary to answer, much less the confidence to construct the damn sentences. Because... Nederlands has specific rules on how to write a sentence. Closer to German than English.

I don't remember anymore what it was like learning English but the grammar rules are quite similar to Portuguese: subject + verb + info. You can play around with this, make it fancy and whatnot, but it remains pretty much S + V + info.

Nederlands has:
S + V + info - Ik heet Mine.
Specific words or clauses ( is that the correct name?) that force you to use V + S - Maandag, had ik les. This used to sound so strange.
And yet other specfic words or clauses that force the verb to the end of a sentence - Omdat ik ziek was. This one sounded bizarre and I had 60 hours of German a few years ago. Oh, even if it's two verbs, they both go to the end.
Rules for the placement of info. Time and frequency must always come first - Ik heb zondag in het park met mijn vrienden in de zon wandelen. Switch whatever you want after S + V, except zondag, that has to come first, and wandelen because it's the second verb and it has to remain last.

Now try that while you want to defend an argument about a complex subject. Le sigh.
And me with my tendency for run-away sentences... ouch!

Lost in translation
Jae smile
Goofle translate is very handy, very useful. But... sometimes it's a bust. It doesn't do well with nuances and subtleties.
For me, as I learn Nederlands, it greatly helps that I can sometimes ask the translation in both English and Portuguese to verify its consistency.
Today, this made me laugh:

Ik ben weer beter.

What is "weer"? It normally means "weather" but not in this sentence. Translate only "weer", you get "again". Translate "ik ben weer", it's "I'm back (again)". Ok, that makes sense.

By the way, "back" for body part is "rug" in Nederlands, which means "carpet" or "throw" in English. Nice, eh?

So, "ik ben weer beter" means "I'm better", "I'm feeling better", "I was sick but now I'm better". In English we don't really need the "again".

But what made you laugh, you ask. I also translated to Portuguese.
"Weer" became "weather", which is correct, as I said before. "Ik ben weer" became " eu estou de volta", which means "I'm back".  So far, so good.
"Ik ben weer beter" became "eu sou melhor", and this is when I laughed.

"To be" can translate to "ser" or "estar" (which also means "stay"). When one uses "ser" or "estar", it is kinda like when you use "be" or "become".
In English "I'm better" can mean "I was sick but now I'm better" or it can mean "I'm better (than you or at something)".
"Eu sou melhor" always means "I'm better (than you or at something)". This implies a permanent quality, therefore closer to "be".
Did you notice that for "I'm back" the translation was "eu estou de volta"? That's the one you correctly need to use - "eu estou melhor", because it implies change, therefore closer to "become" in meaning.
By the way "eu sou de volta", is simply wrong.

Just to pass the time
Oh, yes, I am! LOL! Who creates these things? This one is adorable.

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Jae smile

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The second campaign
Jae smile
Apparently, Trump said America First, so the Dutch said Holland/Netherland Second, and now there is an entire Second campaign going around. This is the one from Portugal:

A comedian group from my home island did one too:

Do check the other countries Second videos too. They are all super funny. Hell, I've even found one that said Mars Second!

HP - The Forgotten Contract - Chap 1
Pairing: H/D,
Rating: R, I guess
Disclaimer: Not mine and never mine
Warnings: Cannon compliant until Epilogue. Un-betead.
Summary: H founds an interesting old contract on Grimmauld Place. It only requires one more signature: his.

OBS: Ok, so since these HP plots won't leave me alone, I guess I might as well write them already. Other good news: today I wrote a little bit for Connections. Sadly, it was on paper but I think I'll be doing a little of that almost everyday during my Netherlands lessons. Eh... :)
This HP story has all the makings of a rather long-ish one. Possibly. Also, I think that un-betead thing shows, so kindly give feedback.
And now, without further ado, here is another attempt at a HP story.

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Reality trumps fiction

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