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Ignis Cupiditas

Pairings: Changmin/Yunho, Junsu/Jaejoong, past Junsu/Yunho
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff, Fantasy
Length: One-shot
Summary: There's a new student in Slytherin. Is Hogwarts prepared for him?

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The Sorting Hat’s voice boomed across the Great Hall. Changmin smirked. The hat had barely touched his head. The sorting was no surprise considering what he knew of the four houses. As he suspected, the sorting was based more on qualities the students valued rather than qualities they exhibited. He was smart and witty like a Ravenclaw, could be cute and loyal like a Hufflepuff and he knew he was as brave and daring as any Gryffindor but it was Slytherin’s trademark ambition, cleverness and cunning that he valued most.

Keeping his smirk on his face he crossed the Great Hall to his place at the Slytherin table.

Everyone’s eyes were on him. He was seventeen already and it was middle term. It was a rare occurrence to have a transfer student, especially from so far away and so close to graduating.

Changmin enjoyed the attention. It wasn’t the first time he landed unexpectedly at a different school. His father’s work meant they moved all over the world. Being the new kid in school had always served him well. Everyone was usually more curious than weary. It was nice, especially since he had started to be interested in dating.

As dinner took most of the attention away from him, he munched absently as he observed his new hunting ground.

Slytherin had some ugly Pureblood girls. The pretty ones were obviously taken. Most of the boys were nothing to write home about. They had sneers permanently attached to their faces that ruined any attractiveness. Changmin was quite happy being the only snarky one in a relationship. A pity since Slytherin should be the house for kinky sods.

Ravenclaw had very pretty girls and gorgeous boys but their noses seemed stuck on books even at meal times. Still, maybe they just needed an excuse to misbehave and they would certainly have their “lesson” well studied.

Hufflepuff apparently had too many dreamy ones. Dangerous ground. He wanted to have fun, not to have someone pledging undying love.

Gryffindor was too far away for a proper analysis but there appeared to be a smattering of prospective prey just like in Ravenclaw. And Gryffindors would surely be brave even in bed.

Changmin followed Leo, Slytherin’s prefect and one of the few gorgeous ones, into the dungeons. Leo was a feast for the eyes but was already taken by a pretty feminine boy. Changmin liked a challenge however he doubted he could compete. And certainly not when there were better prospects in other houses.

He settled into his bed in the dormitory, ignoring the curious glances from the other boys and went to sleep.

Classes were interesting. Changmin was ahead on some subjects, some of his old ones were not taught in Hogwarts and others were new. Luckily for him he was already used to the Latin roots of most spells used in Western countries.

For the two following weeks he was more focused on getting up to par with everyone else and to his immense satisfaction he was soon one of the best students, up there with the Ravenclaw’s bookworms.

The only other thing worthy of mention was how he slowly came to realise he had a growing number of girls hanging off his every word and ogling him constantly. To his surprise this was revealing to be annoying when it used to make him feel cocky and proud.

The house system wasn’t as strict and binding as he expected. It was a normal occurrence to find members from different houses sitting together. He noticed this especially with the other Korean ascent students. Park Yoochun was a Hufflepuff but normally sat at the Gryffindor table next to Jung Yunho. Another Gryffindor, Kim Junsu, was always at the Ravenclaw table with Kim Jaejoong. It actually got a little difficult to know someone’s house when they weren't wearing their house colours. However it obviously didn’t matter. Apparently they had changed a lot since the legendary rivalry between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

Despite the annoying girls, Changmin was enjoying Hogwarts and he was smoothly becoming a part of it. Then during one Potions class everything went belly up.

Magda Madkins decided to swoon over him during a critical point in the brewing. Just as he needed to add the Exploiding Fluid with the utmost care, Magda held on to his arm and asked him something with moony eyes. The resulting explosion destroyed his cauldron and had the teacher scolding him. As soon as the teacher turned his back, after taking points from Slytherin, Changmin turned his singed eyebrows at the soot covered Magda and cursed her with very choice words.

Predictably she started crying. This attracted Jung Yunho who decided to play the defender of damsels in distress. Unwilling to be scolded for his highly justified anger at the silly girl, Changmin turned his attention to the Gryffindor.

“Mind your own business, Gryffindork!”


Changmin’s eyes turned to fire. He could not believe the impertinence of the other guy. And where was the professor now that he needed him?

“You are being rude to your fellow students. I won’t tolerate that kind of behaviour. Get back to your potion. Finite incantatem!”

Yunho returned to his own desk while Magda followed him with adoring eyes. Changmin remained silent as if the spell was still on him. The force of his indignation kept him rooted to the spot. It was just too much! Had no one seen that the explosion was Magda’s fault? And regardless of that, how dared Yunho?

The next lesson was Defense Against the Dark Arts. Changmin decided to get a little even. With all the mini duels going around no one would notice yet another stray hex. 

“Confundo! Tarantallegra! Colloshoo! Anteoculatia! Alarte Ascendare!”

Jung Yunho suddenly started dancing with his legs moving like crazy, causing his upper body to twist trying to stay upright. The surprised face alone was priceless. Then out of nowhere his feet glued to the floor and he fell flat on his face. Simultaneously on the other side of the room Magda’s hair turned into antlers while she ascended into the air making her visible to everyone in the class. The ones who weren’t laughing at Yunho’s antics were pointing at Magda’s hair.

The quick succession of spells had Changmin rolling on the floor laughing giddy with his success. And the jewel had been the initial Confundo. No one knew from where the spells had originated. However, Yunho’s eyes found him and suspiciously glared at him. Changmin simply lifted his eyebrows with a smirk and continued laughing.

And thus began Changmin’s constant clashing with Jung Yunho, the Gryffindor Quidditch captain and Keeper. Changmin decided he could not stand the guy. The annoying git was almost as tall as he was and under the friendly mask was a conceited close-minded asshole. For some reason the guy had this weird notion that he was the leader not only of his Quidditch team and of his House, but also of the entire school. It was preposterous!

Everyone else seemed to allow him to do it, which was even worse.

Changmin had complained to Leo but his fellow Slytherin sighed and said that he had best get used to it. Ever since the war with Voldemort and Harry Potter’s heroic role, it was an unwritten rule that whoever stood out in Gryffindor was the leader for all the Hogwarts students. The professors tolerated it and even encouraged it.

“But he insists in this stupid false let’s-all-be-friends disgusting mantra! And yet he obviously can’t stand me! He keeps calling my attention cause I don’t tolerate or encourage those silly smitten girls. What the hell does he want me to do? Date them all?”

“He wants us to be… nice.”

“Nice? To a stupid seventeen year old girl like Magda Madkins that doesn’t understand the concept of not-interested? Any niceness towards her equals a declaration of love!”

“I always wondered how Jung squeezes himself out of the grip of so many fans around him. Maybe he can give you pointers?”

“Oh, don’t even joke!”

Leo just laughed and left Changmin to steam all alone.

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After one more confrontation in the library with an intrusive girl, Changmin was even more annoyed to have Jung Yunho himself approach his table. The boy’s expression was obvious; he was seconds away of unleashing another one of his lengthy preaching’s.

“Ok, I’ve reached my breaking point. Let’s finish this out of the library, Jung!”

Finding an empty classroom, near the library, Changmin entered it and as soon as Yunho followed him in, he cast locking and silencing spells.

“Shim Changmin, the way you treated your fellow classmate was uncalled for. You have to go and apologize to her. This is not how we do things here in Hogswarts.”

“Oh, sod it, Jung Yunho! Better yet, fuck you!”

“How do you expect to integrate when…”

“I’ve integrated just fine. I just don’t want swooning girls around me disrupting my work. How the hell is that so hard to understand? Can you get that through your thick skull? Tell you what? I’ll even go so far as to take on Leo’s suggestion. Ok, here’s your chance, Jung Yunho. Pray, do tell. How do you keep your swooning fans from driving you nuts? Share your secret.”

“I don’t have swooning fans.”

“Oh, please. Spare me.”

Changmin could not stop himself from snickering. Yunho’s false modesty rubbed him the wrong way. Much as he loathed to admit it, Yunho had a charm to him that was hard to ignore.

Yunho just stood there, blinking stupidly at him. Then, amazingly he blushed.

“Well, I dated Junsu for a long time before he traded me for Jaejoong. And I suspect everyone thinks that now I’m dating Yoochun.”

“You’re gay?”

Changmin’s surprised eyes made Yunho look defensive.

“What? No one cares about that here. Why? Do you? Something against it?”

“Oh, calm down, will you? I’m just surprised. I assumed you were a ladies man. Hummm, but are you dating Yoochun or not?”

“Nope. HE is a ladies man.”

Yunho’s amused chuckle captured Changmin’s attention. The guy could be kinda cute. Maybe he had found his challenge after all.

“So, the only way for me to get rid of those silly girls is to convince them I’m gay?”

“You can’t do that!”

Changmin smiled enigmatically and with a wave of his hand removed the spells and left.

Over the next few days, Yunho showed up everywhere. He apparently had decided to keep a close watch on Changmin.

The Slytherin found this endlessly amusing and decided to make sure he showed his best to the Gryffindor. He participated more in classes, he told jokes, he stretched to show his muscles, he nibbled on his quill holding Yunho’s eyes captive and even succeeded in being more or less civil to the silly infatuated girls who insisted in floating around him.

Changmin did some digging as well. Having observed Junsu and Jaejoong he had his suspicions about what to do about Yunho and he was ready to put it to the test.

Jung Yunho was blind. Stupid, annoying, prejudiced, arrogant, bllind… Changmin felt at a loss for words to describe the git.

The Slytherin sat against a tree near the lake and scowled at the dark waters.

He was beyond upset. His hair was blond! Blond! That pestering meddling Magda had distracted him yet again, this time in Transfiguration class and he was now sporting blond hair and blue eyes. Everyone had taken to calling him Shim Dragon. The nerve of them! It was little consolation that Yunho had turned his eyes green during all the commontion. It suited the bastard. And having to wait for the spell to ware off? Unacceptable!

The damn teacher had even made them stand together outside of class giving Yunho plenty of time to accuse him of stupid stuff. Yet again. They waited only to have the teacher give them a speech on how they should pay attention in class. Why could no one see that it hadn't been his fault?

He was really starting to hate Hogwarts.

“Wingardium Leviosa!”

Changmin levitated small rocks and then used a repelling charm to send them flying over the waters. With precise control he was able to make the rock touch the surface of the water several times before it sunk under the surface. The Giant Squid decided to investigate and one of the tentacles started to try and catch the flying rocks. This pleased Changmin. He needed to keep focused and it helped him forget his irritation.


The Slytherin sneered at the Gryffindor and continued trying to win against the Squid.

“What’s your game with Yunho?”

Changmin breathed deeply. One, two, three, … But it was useless. He exploded.

“Fuck off, Kim Junsu! What the hell do you have to do with anything regarding Yunho? Didn’t you threw him away for Jaejoong?”

Junsu sighed, regarded Changmin with a speculative gaze worthy of a Slytherin and sat down next to him.

“Things between me and Yunho were… complicated, shall we say. We started off as good friends and hormones messed things up as we became sexually aware. Things got confused for a long time. We tried but in the end we are just friends.”

“Yeahhh, yeahhh. Justify it however you want. Fact is you and Yunho were still together when you hit it off with Jaejoong. Not very Gryffindor.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t be so annoyed over that since it makes him single. And you should definitely work on your patience. Yunho is modest, verging on insecure. He’s not ignoring your flirting and advances on purpose. He simply hasn’t noticed and if he did notice something, he dismissed it as his imagination. Both guys and girls learned to leave us alone cause we were together for a long time. Nowadays I think they are a bit too much in awe of him to try anything.”

Changim humphed, pretending he wasn’t paying attention, although he was listening to every word. He doubted he was fooling Junsu but his pride wouldn’t allow for anything else. From the corner of his eyes he saw the Gryffindor give him another speculative gaze.

“Off course, it doesn’t help that the few guys who approach seem to be working under wrong assumptions.”

Junsu didn’t add more. Won by curiosity, Changmin turned to look at him, lifting one eyebrow in a silent question.

“I’ll let you figure that one out on your own. Just know that if you hurt him, I’ll blast your bollocks off. Not even the Head Nurse will be able to reattach them. See ya!”

Changmin watched Junsu walk away. In the distance Jaejoong was waiting for him. The two hugged and exchanged a sweet looking kiss before going towards the school holding hands. Changmin felt his gut churning. He was jealous of how happy they looked together. He never had anyone like that. Junsu had sort of confirmed his theory but had also added gravitas to the situation. Did he really want to pursue Jung Yunho?

Everyone was still celebrating Gryffindor’s Quidditch victory over Ravenclaw. Changmin had enjoyed the game a lot. Yunho was a great Keeper and looked quite stunning in his uniform. He had the slight suspicion Gryffindor had good chances of winning the Cup. The party was being held in the Gryffindor common room but all houses were welcome. There were even some Ravenclaws around. Changmin could swear he had seen Jaejoong disappear with Junsu somewhere. That sounded like a good idea.

The Slytherin had to supress a deep sigh as Magda tried to approach him. He sneaked off to another part of the large room. To his distress she followed him. He was about to lose it and hex her into oblivion when he was unexpectedly rescued.

“Magda, your friend Rose is looking for you.”

“Oh, thank you, Yunho.”

“You’re welcome.”

Changmin crossed his arms and stared at Yunho. He could not believe the guy had just winked at Magda. Strange way of helping him.

“And when she finds Rose?”

“Those two are always looking for each other to gossip.”

“Does this mean you’re willing to give me the benefit of the doubt this time?”

“I feel I may have been a bit unfair with you. Magda and some of the others can be a bit overwhelming. I guess it can be hard to keep a cool head.”

“You think?”

Yunho chuckles and scratches his head, slightly embarrassed.

“Ok, ok. I’m sorry. After paying better attention these last days I came to realise you haven’t been mean on purpose. Although I’m not sure I’ve forgiven you for those jinxes in DADA.”

“One of my best spell work, if I do say so myself.”

Changmin studied Yunho with a calculative gaze.

“You know… I may still need some work in this inter-house unity thing. Maybe you can help me?”


“Yes, why don’t we talk about it?”

Yunho blushed a little but agreed. The two retired to a secluded corner where they continued to talk.

The party was over. Only a few students remained sleeping off in some chairs and couches in the common room. Nearly everyone was back in their own beds in their own rooms.

Up high in the Gryffindor tower, there were still two students awake. Changmin was enjoying himself much more than he ever had imagined possible. Considering his father had mentioned they’d stay in England for the next years, maybe it was time to try one of those famous serious relationships?

Now… how to get Yunho? Which approach to use? Humm…

To catch a Gryffindor, be Gryffindor. Especially if the Gryffindor in question is a bit shall we say oblivious?

Changmin slowly approached Yunho as he continued an entertaining Quidditch story but his entire attention had gone to the guy’s lips. The distance got smaller and smaller to the point he could feel Yunho’s body heat. The height difference wasn’t much but he still had to incline his head down.

Yunho had stopped mid-sentence and was now watching him with all his attention, eyes wide open. His cheeks were flushed and he appeared to be trying to find his voice. Changmin decided to give him a little hand.


“Changmin, what?”

“Know why I’ve started to get so annoyed with those girls? I think I was in the process of slowly realizing I prefer boys.”


“So… single, huh?”


“Me too.”


Changmin smirked and rubbed his lips against Yunho’s. The Gryffindor didn’t move away and he deepened the kiss. He kept the kiss soft and undemanding. That is, until Yunho started to kiss him back. Then he lost it. The Slytherin was pleasantly surprised. Yunho was a very good kisser.

“Wait. Wait. I… I’m not… I mean…”

“Yes? What is it, Yunho?”

“I’m… well, before we go any further, you need to know that I… “

“I’m sure Junsu tops Jaejoong. Does that help with whatever you’re trying to say?”

“Oh! Ah, yeahhhh… ”

Yunho was blushing, smiling, scratching his head and looking away. Changmin wanted to purr. The guy was just too adorable for his sanity.

“How about we start off with a date this weekend in Hogsmeade?”

Changmin couldn’t help a smirk. Yunho had blushed even more but nodded yes. The Slytherin found himself posing a second question that surprised even him.

“Will you be my boyfriend?”

Yunho was still blushing but his eyes suddenly light up with a distinct fire. Changmin almost would have gulped if he wasn’t so struck with a sudden wave of heat. He had a feeling he was about to find out more about the famous Gryffindor daring.

The Slytherin found himself pressed up against a wall being kissed within an inch of his life.

Oh, yes. He definitely liked Hogwarts.

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