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Where were you all my life? 23/?

Chapter 23 - Permission

Kim Jaejoong is forced to do business with the mafia who keep threatening him. Changmin, Junsu and Yoochun are responsible for his security.
Jung Yunho is a cop investigating a paedophile/mafia man named Kim Jaejoong and the mafia is blackmailing him to do one job for them: kill Jaejoong.
And so their paths collided.
Warnings: mention rape and abuse, some violence, smut.
Pairings: Yunjae, little hints of Yoosu

Chapter 1 - Jaejoong Intro, Chapter 2 - Attempted Rape, Chapter 3 - Payback Rape, Chapter 4 - Yunho Intro, Chapter 5 - Yunho Intro, Chapter 6 - Framed and Blackmailed, Chapter 7 - Framed and Blackmailed, Chapter 8 - Aftermath, Chapter 9 - Method of Interrogation A, Chapter 10 - Method of Interrogation B, Chapter 11 - Unexpected Rescue, Chapter 12 - Talk and Re-enact, Chapter 13 - Surprises, Chapter 14 - Something Changes, Chapter 15 - I Remember Friday, Chapter 16 - Wet Dreams, Chapter 17 - Sweet Surrender Y, Chapter 18 - Sweet Surrender J, Chapter 19 - Morning AfterChapter 20 - Talking Is Overrated, Chapter 21 - Thugs, Cops and Talks, Chapter 22 - Ready? Action!, ...
OBS: Yes, it's a high number of chapters, but they are all tiny tiny chapters.

Chapter 23 - Permission


Yunho sees that Jaejoong’s hand reaches behind and with a finger grabs the chain on his wrist cuff. His breath stops. Jaejoong takes another step and the chain gets tensed between the two men. However there is no pull. Jaejoong just keeps his back to the front, the finger on the chain. Yunho realises he can pull the chain and simply go inside this room. Or he can allow Jaejoong to lead him into his own room. His heart rate increases and his breathing is loud. The sorter man takes another step and the cop lifts his hands to allow the chain to stretch between them. His cock perks in interest. He knows he’s being asked permission and something tells him this is the only permission he will be asked if he follows Jaejoong. Not when the business man is so obviously angry and irritated. That thought makes his cock twitch again.

Jaejoong releases the air he was holding and starts to let his light hold of the chain go with reluctance. That’s when he hears a step in his direction. He keeps his eyes facing forward but it’s with a smug smile that he walks to his own room; finger still holding the chain; the other man silently following him. He’s suddenly feeling rather satisfied.

End of flashback

Jaejoong opens the door to his room and enters, making sure to no longer have any hold on the chain and leave it to the other man to enter on his own. Yunho appears to be unsure for a few moments but slowly he takes one step inside, another and then another. He stops, still close to the door, slightly in front of Jaejoon who closes the door with a predatory smile.

Yunho can feel those eyes on him and they make him nervous but he forces his body to remain immobile. He knows why he allowed himself to be led here. He enjoyed having sex last night with Kim Jaejoong and since the man sort of asked him, he decided to just go with it. After all, why not when it feels good.

The slim man stares at the tall muscular body in front of him without noticing how his tongue is liking his lips in hunger. His eyes go over every line and his hands start to hitch to be in certain places. Jaejoong remembers how close Junsu had been to Yunho when he found them and he bristles again, he really didn’t like to see that for some reason. He lunges forward and attaches himself to the delicious back, ready to renew the bite marks that say Yunho is only his.

The cop suddenly feels Jaejoong’s arms around him, trapping his body. He jumps and almost tries to free himself when warm lips and teeth bite softly into his neck. Yunho’s entire body twitches as Jaejoong keeps biting his neck while one hand is splayed against his chest holding him in place. He is able to hold his lips with his teeth against a moan but his head leans to the side, unconsciously allowing better access.

The other hand is slowly touching him. First it started at the chest, then it went down, passed over the belly button, kept lower until it met the band of his underwear. Then curious fingers slipped a little inside the band and moved towards his hip. That wandering hand went up and down over his lower back until it hungrily moved to cup a cheek.

Jaejoong moans in delight when he grabs the hard ass. Hearing how Yunho’s breathe starts to become uneven spurs him more. He’s loving how every drag of his lips against the neck is making the man in his arms tremble. He pushes the sweatpants down to have access to the naked skin. The slim man feels powerful and in control. His hand becomes cruel to the delicious curves he’s caressing. He doesn’t just cup or massage them. He sinks his nails, grabs with all his strength. But it’s not enough, he wants more.

Yunho finds himself being pushed towards the bed. His erect cock is free from his pants and sways with every movement. Against his buttocks he can feel how hard Jaejoong is.

Reaching the bed, Yunho is unceremoniously shoved on top of it. Ignoring the surprised huff, Jaejoong puts the man in his hands and knees. The tall man cringes in embarrassment, he feels exposed with his pants down on his knees and his naked ass in the air. Suddenly he feels a strong slap that makes him arch his back, waiting for more. What he gets instead is a hand grabbing his neck while the fingers of the other hand go down his spine in a teasing manner. As soon as those fingers reach his lower back, Yunho reacts with goose bumps that increase in intensity as he feels the touch nearing his ass crease.

Jaejoong is feeling hungry and impatient. His fingers search for his prize and he is pleased to discover that it is twitching already. As a reward he gives a few hard slaps to the delicious ass that turn the skin pink. Unable to resist it, he places both hands on the cheeks to just feel their firmness. The slim man bits his own lips and decides to wait no more. Ignoring the condoms, he just grabs the lube and applies a good amount on his cock and also on his fingers.

Yunho jumps in surprise when he feels slick fingers sliding inside of him. First one, then two. They go in and out rapidly, leaving his entrance lubricated. The feeling is strange. It’s the first time he experiences it and he decides he much prefers a cock. However he does feel relieved that this time he is being properly lubed, since he still feels sore from the previous night.

With a final slap to the pink buttocks, Jaejoong grabs the hips, slips his fingers out, aims his cock and just shoves himself all the way in, immediately starting to thrust at full force.

Yunho nearly collapses on the bed but manages to hold himself up, mainly because of the hands on his hips. However, as the awareness of time leaves him, his arms start to shake. Instead of being on his hands, he ends up on his elbows, until finally he just rests his head and shoulders on the bed. Understanding the man pounding into him isn’t trying to aim for anything, the cop reaches for his dripping cock and starts to rub it in time with Jaejoon’s powerful thrusts.

Jaejoong wants to drown in the feel of the warm body around him. On and on, he moves; the glide of skin against skin making his brain useless. He always keeps at least one hand gripping the hips, but the other one is constantly caressing and pinching all the warm soft skin available. Too soon his orgasm starts to approach. For a few seconds of clarity, he watches Yunho’s reactions and aims his thrusts to get the best response; and it is Yunho’s orgasm that finally rushes his own.

Yunho dislodges himself from Jaejoong and just stretches on the bed; his breathing erratic and eyes still blinded by the release of endorphins. A little part of his brain slowly wakes up and congratulates him on choosing the right door.

Yunho’s feeling of utter bliss is fleeting though, for as soon as he is capable of properly looking at the man hovering over him, he realises he is yet not allowed to rest. Jaejoong is, totally, still looking at him as if he was food presented to a starving man. Yunho sighs in exasperation, thinking what the hell the other man can possibly still want.

The tall man watches, with apprehensive eyes, how Jaejoong moves on his knees, further up next to his head, half hard cock glistening from lube and semen under the lights from the room. Suddenly, fear runs over him and he turns his head away, eyes shut tight.

One thing he still has not gotten over was that damn blowjob from Saturday. His brain starts to flood him with unpleasant memories: how he was desperate and scared; how Jaejoong was rough; how he would have gagged and thrown up if he wasn’t held against his will; how he almost fainted and was forced to swallow; how Jaejoong cleaned his cock on his hair. Yunho balled his hands into fists and turned to his side, presenting his back to Jaejoong. More memories were coming to him. This time it was Friday night and how he had actually felt scared and used, even if he ended up turned on.

Jaejoong was puzzled and looking sideways at Yunho’s back. The man was trembling and this time it wasn’t from pleasure. He reminded the slim man of a wounded animal, ready to lash out with deadly force at the smallest threat.

Not knowing what could have caused the other man to behave like this, Jaejoong stared at him, sighing in defeat and sitting on his own legs. He had been seconds away from kissing that tempting mouth that had been teasingly slightly open and releasing loud huffs and puffs.

Thinking that, at this point, he really had not much chance to be allowed to do anything else, Jaejoong got up and went to the bathroom to take a bath. Preferably a cold one.

Yunho was startled when he felt the shift of weight on the bed. He scooted further away from the other man, only to realise that Jaejoong had gotten up and was walking across the room. Surprised, he breathed in relief and watched in silence how the slim hips moved seductively; shapely legs devoid of hairs; toned back with traces of sweat from the recent effort.

With another sigh of relief, the cop pulled his pants back up, ignoring the come that was dripping from his hole. Then he moved the bed covers to slip under them and just hide his head under a pillow. Physically exhausted and stressed, the calm solitary moments were enough to lure him into a restless sleep filled with doubts, where the cop could not decide between lust and resentment.

When Jaejoong goes to the bathroom he discovers his cock has some blood traces. “Shit! I made him bleed, maybe that is why he reacted like that. I must have really hurt him.”

After his bath and already in his pyjamas, Jaejoong applies some ointment on the light bruises still showing in his face. He pauses for a second but grabs it and also a wet towel. Back in the room. Yunho appears to be more passed out than actually asleep.

When he shakes him a little, the man doesn’t wake up. Jaejoong removes the cuffs he still has and then takes off all the clothes. He cleans him carefully with the wet towel, then proceeds to apply the ointment on the several bruises scattered all over his body. There are some new bluish and red marks from last night and from tonight. And, of course, new bite marks on the neck that make Jaejoong fell strangely proud. The last place he applies medicine is to the face. But when he is done, his fingers still linger on that face, tracing the nose, eyes, cheeks, jaw line, lips. His fingers are still lightly grazing the stubble and the full bottom lip when Yunho’s eyes open. Jaejoong freezes.

-Kiss me.

-W-what? – He stammers and removes his hand away.

-You’re gorgeous. I want to bite your lips off. Why are they that colour?

Jaejoong stares at the sleepy man. The voice sounds husky but slurred, like he’s drunk.

-What are you talking about?

-Come here. It’s so big. Let me touch it. I haven’t had it in my hand yet. So big. Even I think you’re big.

When a hand reaches out to cup him, the slim man slaps it.

-Stop that. No one hit you in the head today. What’s the matter with you?

-Why aren’t you naked? You look incredibly gorgeous and sexy naked.

-God! Are you always this crazy when you’re sleepy? Come on, go to sleep before I kick you out.

-Kick me out? Why? – Yunho asks with a sad pout. –Don’t do that. I’m always getting kicked. Always yelled at. It’s so big. It won’t fit Take that thing away from me. Bah! Everyone always says they wanna be fucked with something big but then they run away from me. Don’t run. You’re so sexy. I’ll be nice. I’ll behave. I didn’t hurt you the other night, did I?

Jaejoong just blinked, mouth hanging open, at the pouting man who was using an incredibly whiny voice and who looked so sad. Then the sadness got replaced with a very alluring look, a sexy smile and a low reverberating voice, that sent shills down his spine.

-You hurt me so good. Gimme me more. I want you again.

-You need to sleep. Be quiet.


-Trust me. You can’t take any more. Now, shush. I’m right here, so go to sleep. And get that hand off my dick.


Chapter 24 - Action vs Reaction

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