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Where were you all my life? 35/?

Chapter 35 - Fight for Dominance

Kim Jaejoong is forced to do business with the mafia who keep threatening him. Changmin, Junsu and Yoochun are responsible for his security.
Jung Yunho is a cop investigating a paedophile/mafia man named Kim Jaejoong and the mafia is blackmailing him to do one job for them: kill Jaejoong.
And so their paths collided. A week later, Jung Yunho is more than a prisoner in Kim Jaejoong's house and both mafia and cops are getting near the two men.
Warnings: mention rape and abuse, some violence, smut.
Pairings: Yunjae, little hints of Yoosu
Chapter 1 - Jaejoong Intro, Chapter 2 - Attempted Rape, Chapter 3 - Payback Rape, Chapter 4 - Yunho Intro, Chapter 5 - Yunho Intro, Chapter 6 - Framed and Blackmailed, Chapter 7 - Framed and Blackmailed, Chapter 8 - Aftermath, Chapter 9 - Method of Interrogation A, Chapter 10 - Method of Interrogation B, Chapter 11 - Unexpected Rescue, Chapter 12 - Talk and Re-enact, Chapter 13 - Surprises, Chapter 14 - Something Changes, Chapter 15 - I Remember Friday, Chapter 16 - Wet Dreams, Chapter 17 - Sweet Surrender Y, Chapter 18 - Sweet Surrender J, Chapter 19 - Morning AfterChapter 20 - Talking Is Overrated, Chapter 21 - Thugs, Cops and Talks, Chapter 22 - Ready? Action!, Chapter 23 - Permission, Chapter 24 - Action vs Reaction, Chapter 25 - Changes, Chapter 26 - Police Work, Chapter 27 - Confrontations, Chapter 28 - More Changes, Chapter 29 - Different Mornings, Chapter 30 - Interrogation - The Cop Method - part 1, Chapter 31 - Interrogation - The Cops Method - part 2, Chapter 32 - Talk or Fight?, Chapter 33 - Clash of Tempers, Chapter 34 - Relax Time
OBS: Yes, it's a high number of chapters, but they are all tiny tiny chapters. I promise. Pinky swear.

Chapter 35 - Fight for Dominance

35 a header

Jaejoong lazily put on his pyjama jacket over the t-shirt, wondering who could be and why, and went to open the door. His eyes widened in surprise and he backed away. The increased distance allowed him a full view of Yunho’s body and he palled as his eyes took in what he was actually seeing. The man was still wearing the fitted trouser pants and the white shirt, however, the shirt was almost fully open showing the toned chest underneath it. Yunho had a very obvious erection and a silent determination to his moves as he entered, and closed the door behind him, before turning to stare back at the shorter man in front of him. Something told Jaejoong that tonight he would be the one getting fucked. He couldn’t help a shiver of fear going down his back at how dominant and controlled Yunho was acting, he had no idea what to expect. More disturbing was realising he was also feeling a strange emotion that it took him some time to realise it was hope, but hope of what?

Yunho recognised the flash of fear in Jaejoong’s eyes and cursed himself for it. He remained immobile waiting to see what the slim man would do; if he would try to get him out of his room or not. However, the tall man was unaware of how his eyes and his entire body language were showing a hunger that would not be denied.

Watching the silent tall man before him looking at him like he was his prey, Jaejoong could not help the slow build-up of desire that crept up all over his skin. The fear was giving way as a part of his mind was telling him that it was Yunho, so it was ok for the man to look at him like that; that he was safe with this man. He backed away one step into the room.

Yunho took a step forward. Jaejoong swallowed and his tongue came out to wet his dry lips in a nervous gesture. Yunho took another step forward, eyes entranced with the small gesture.

The shorter man resisted the sudden urge to escape and run away, at the same time as he felt a different kind of shiver going down his spine, creating goose bumps all over. With a deep breath, Jaejoong admitted he was rather looking forward for whatever Yunho was so intent on doing to him.

Jaejoong walked back a few steps, moving on purpose on the direction of his bed. Yunho’s eyes flickered with intensity as he noticed where Jaejoong was heading. Suddenly, the tall man strolled forward and grabbed Jaejoong before tumbling them both into the bed. The smaller man got his breath knocked out of him, as his back made contact with the bed, with Yunho’s full weight on top of him, legs entangled. Immediately, a warm wet mouth and soft lips were glued to his neck and making his entire body tremble. The cop was attacking his neck with such a passion that Jaejoong couldn’t even think. And there were big hands with long fingers opening his pyjama jacket and removing it, leaving only the t-shirt and making the slim man tremble even more.

For a few moments, and because of a harsher bite on his neck, that brought back a flash of unpleasant memories, the fear returned. Jaejoong struggled against Yunho, reversing their positions in bed. But when he looked down at Yunho, the man was looking back at him with the same unsatisfied hunger, except, now he was holding his body perfectly immobile. Jaejoong stared, unsure of what to do next. Then Yunho used the back of his hand to slowly clean his own wet mouth from all the kisses he had placed on Jaejoong’s neck; staring right back at Jaejoong all the time. Something gave in inside the smaller man.

35 b YUN + JAE

He took in the half open shirt, the hand slowly touching those tempting lips, the obvious bulge straining against the fabric, the quiet calm determination to every movement Yunho made or didn’t made. Jaejoong released a nervous smile as he looked down at the taller man, before he kissed the tempting naked chest skin peaking from the white shirt.

As Jaejoong kissed and bite Yunho’s chest, his hands moving to grab the man’s hips, he also felt the man’s big hands cupping his ass and pushing him against the straining erection. He couldn’t help a strangled moan. Seeking vengeance, he kissed all the way up to Yunho’s neck, while his hands removed the offending shirt that was getting on his way.

Before Jaejoong could even take in what was happening, Yunho was above him again, upper body fully naked, mouth attached harshly to his neck once more. Those wandering hands got under his t-shirt and pulled it completely away. Jaejoong had to breathe deep when he felt his own skin touch Yunho’s. The demanding mouth was again on his neck. If he didn’t have the cop’s full weight on him, he was sure he would have curled himself into a ball because of how the kisses to his neck and collarbones were making him feel. There were also those hands touching him possessively everywhere. The shorter man couldn’t stop his body from shaking. Yunho was finding too many sensitive spots.

Jaejoong felt the demanding mouth move closely to his jaw. He closed his eyes due to the overwhelming feeling. Then those lips touched his jaw at the same time a hand down there was stroking his hard cock, while he also could not ignore Yunho’s hard bulge against his leg. Jaejoong’s eyes shot open at the simultaneous attack on his senses and he looked closely at the man touching him so intimately. Yunho had his eyes closed but he seemed to be completely lost in his enjoyment of the shorter man’s body.

The slim man closed his eyes again in anticipation as he felt Yunho’s lips continue to move slowly, seemingly towards his own lips.

lips j

Jaejoong waited. Closer.

He hoped. Closer.


Then… nothing.

Yunho’s mouth left him for a few seconds. Jaejoong whimpered at the loss, actually throwing a kick at nothing, mouth pouting.

Suddenly, his body jumped off the bed, eyes wide open and a loud scream leaving his lips. Yunho was now attacking his nipples in the same harsh way he had attacked his neck and Jaejoong trashed jerkily under the cop.

Yunho felt an immense wave of satisfaction at how Jaejoong was reacting under him. He kept kissing and biting the tempting soft flesh, feeling pleasure in turning it bright red. The cop took his time on the perky nipples before he returned once more to the neck. But this time he avoided getting too close to the jaw line. He had been just seconds away of kissing Kim Jaejoong, fully on the mouth, before what little was left of his self-preservation instinct warned him that that road would be a no return road.

Jaejoong swallowed hard and tried to think of something to get the stronger man to calm down; he felt like he was going to be mauled alive.

Yunho was growing more impatient. He got up to pull Jaejoong’s pants off and to remove his own. Sensing this would be his only chance to get some measure of control back, Jaejoong wasted no time. As soon as Yunho kneeled back on the bed, he mouthed the hard cock before he could talk himself out of it. “If I can get him to come, he’ll calm down. Damn, so big. Why is he so big?”

Yunho gasped in shock. He looked down at Jaejoong; full rosy lips around the head of his cock, soft trembling hands touching his hips lightly. The unexpected sensations washed over him and the cop could not do anything, except feel what that glorious mouth was doing to him. He was so on edge that it was almost embarrassingly fast how he was soon coming inside that sinful mouth.

Jaejoong waited until he was sure he had received every last drop. Then, he allowed the half hard cock to slip from between his wet lips. Too embarrassed to look up at Yunho, Jaejoong grabbed his discarded t-shirt and used it to wipe the excess of semen inside his mouth. Much as all the porn showed everyone happily drinking come, Jaejoong personally didn’t like to do that, even if he had to admit that Yunho didn’t taste so bad. A small thought crossed his mind that maybe he could learn to like Yunho’s taste.
The cop studied the man sitting in front of his own knees while he waited for his breathing to calm down. He was noticing the angry red marks on the pale skin and he suspected he had earned a blowjob as a tactic to distract him. Yunho almost chuckled to himself, shaking his head. He had been really close to simply fucking Jaejoong. That would not have gone well. Not at all. He knew he was too big to be taken without proper preparation and, even so, sometimes that had not been enough. Funny how this one man could nearly make him forget years of traumas in the heat of the moment.

Yunho put a finger under Jaejoong’s jaw and searched the shorter man’s eyes, while trying to avoid looking at those luscious wet full lips. His self-preservation instinct was sending him warnings again.

Jaejoong allowed the cop to lift his face and almost smiled at the more familiar Yunho that was looking down at him. He recognised this Yunho. Now he had no more need to feel any fear again. Before the taller man said anything, Jaejoong reached for the drawer and took out the tube of lube, offering it to Yunho with a soft smile. The smile got bigger when he noticed a spark of passion in the muscular man’s eyes. “Maybe that passion is still boiling in there. Humm, but it’s more controlled now. I wonder if I can bring it back up again in full force.”

Without any need for words, Yunho knew Jaejoong was waiting for him to prepare him and he was not going to wait around for a written invitation. His orgasm had only calmed him down, his hunger to be inside the beautiful man was still boiling strong in his veins. Using a generous amount of lube, he spread it around his hardening cock and on his fingers. He moved closer to Jaejoong, kneeling in between the slim shapely pale legs. The cop had to swallow at the vision in front of him. This man naked was something that messed with his entire body and even his mind.

Jaejoong put his arms under his head, rested his legs against Yunho’s hips and decided to just simply stare at the man with his best catlike stare. He knew, for sure, that the annoying man was going to slowly tease him, with his fingers, until he was forced to beg him to be penetrated. Well, he wasn’t going to just take that and do nothing. He was going to stare from between his eye lashes; move his body softly, twisting it to every move the man’s fingers made inside of him; and make every damn sinful sound he could muster.

The tall man felt hypnotized by whatever it was that Jaejoong was trying at. He couldn’t even fully focus on what he was doing and that was saying something, considering that from the moment he had found Jaejoong’s prostrate, the tight muscles were clenching hungrily around his fingers. Afraid that the seduction display the beautiful man was throwing at him would make him lose control again, Yunho hurried up.

The cop had already inserted four fingers inside Jaejoong; that was more than enough preparation, still he rubbed some more lube just in case.

With a swift movement that surprised the slim man, Yunho switched again, making Jaejoong sit on top of him. Effortlessly, he used one hand to make Jaejoong lift up while his other hand aimed his shaft at the twitching entrance.

Jaejoong bite his lips hard against the feeling of being stretched and slowly filled. He had teased Yunho about his size but the man really was big. The slim man’s lungs lost all air as Yunho’s hands on his hips allowed his body weight to go down the hard cock, until it was almost completely inside him.

Yunho kept his hands on the slim hips, ready to control his thrusts up as soon as he was confident that Jaejoong was more comfortable with him inside. However, the slim man’s hands grabbed his own and removed them. Trying to keep his body as still as possible, Jaejoong used one hand to grab Yunhos’s wrists and keep the tall man’s arms on the pillow above his head, while he used his other hand for balance. Yunho was looking up at him with a confused look. Jaejoong inwardly felt pleased that the cop allowed him to do that. They both knew that Yunho was stronger and it felt gratifying to see that the cop trusted him enough to be handled like that.

Jaejoong took one deep breath and slowly lifted himself up, unconsciously closing his eyes and biting his lips as he felt the drag of the huge hard cock inside of him. As he let his body slide back down, he released his breath and shuddered at the feeling of being so full. With a few more breaths, to calm himself and to gather his strength, Jaejoong lifted again, slowly growing more confident and comfortable. Yunho was the biggest he ever had, but he was determined to ride him, instead of having the man turn him into a mushy pile of goo like last time.

Yunho could not believe what his eyes and even his body were telling him. With all his experience and different sex partners, he had always been the one to control the thrusts. Not once had anyone tried to ride him, even if he usually made them sit on top of him, to give them a measure of control of how much they wanted him inside. But they were always in awe of his size and more like waiting for him to hurry up and come. After his first disastrous first experiences, when he still could not control himself, he had quickly learned to put the other person’s pleasure first and to thrust only enough, never again allowing himself to lose control.

This was different, very different.

Just having Jaejoong’s hand holding his wrists gave him a different feeling, like he wasn’t the one in control even if Yunho was the one inside the other man. But feeling the man slowly impaling himself more and more was making Yunho fearful. What if he hurt him? Jaejoong was so tight and it all felt so damn god. He was biting his tongue and in sheer agony to lose himself inside the beautiful man seducing him. Growing more nervous the more his pleasure increased, Yunho tried to free his hands.

Jaejoong opened his eyes, fury blazing in them, scorching Yunho back to being still. With his free hand, the slim man pinched the taller man’s nipples hard and scratched his chest all the way down to where their bodies were joined. His voice came in breathy rasps as he continued to pull himself up and down.

-Don’t… you… d-dare… to… m-move.

With some of his strength failing him, Jaejoong was forced to use both his hands for support. He had found a rhythm that was making him see stars and he was sure would soon make Yunho lose control. But he wanted to delay that a little more, just to make sure he would really see what an out of control Yunho was really like.

-Don’t… move. You are… mine.

Yunho felt shivers down his spine at Jaejoong’s words. It was getting more and more difficult to remain still, to keep his hips from thrusting back. And now with his hands free, it was only Jaejoong’s order that made him keep his hands above his head. The sight of Jaejoong looking so focused and determined, skin flushed, breath erratic, soft mewling’s and whimpers leaving his lips, all of that was threatening to make Yunho lose his mind. To make things worse, the slim man above him wasn’t trying to tease his own orgasm, he was trying to cause Yunho’s and the cop knew it.

After a while, Yunho’s hands jumped to touch Jaejoong. But not to control his movements, the cops’s hands simply moved to cup and massage the slim buttocks. The tall man lost control of his breathing and started to thrust up, matching Jaejoong’s movements.

Jaejoong looked at the panting man underneath him, while the thrusts up ripped moans from his parched mouth. This was what he had been trying to achieve and it felt better than he had hoped it would. Plus, he rather liked how much Yunho loved to touch his ass cheeks, no one had ever done that, other than as a standard necessary step. Yunho was doing it because he obviously felt pleasure doing it, and Jaejoong couldn’t control the satisfaction that caused him.

Suddenly, Yunho grabbed Jaejoong’s smaller body and changed their positions. With one final silent look asking for permission, the cop gave up any shred of self-control he still had. He pushed himself inside Jaejoong’s body with all his strength and hunger, turning the slim man into a boneless moaning mess.

He twisted and turned Jaejoong’s body to open him up, to experience different positions. He buried himself deep inside, satisfying only his need for pleasure. It was so tight that it was almost painful. The freedom to unleash all his physical power, to just pound into Jaejoong forgetting everything and satisfy a hunger that had haunted him for days, made Yunho feel intoxicated. All the time, he could feel Jaejoong’s breath on his neck and shoulder, the sounds from the smaller man urging him on and the hands scratching him, pulling him, slapping him, hugging him.

When Yunho’s orgasm came it was powerful and made him collapse on top of Jaejoong, where he stayed for long minutes, body trembling uncontrollably.

Jaejoong remained boneless underneath Yunho’s weight. His own body was trembling out of control. His neglected cock was screaming for release trapped between both stomachs. He had reached so close to a body shattering orgasm, several times, that he had no idea how he had not screamed his lungs out.

Slowly recovering a little of his presence of mind back, Jaejoong breathed deeply, taking immense pleasure in how much Yunho was more out of it than he was. He could feel his hole complaining now that they were no longer moving. “This time there is no way I will be able to hide a limp. No way in hell. Ouch, damn! Ah, seriously, why is he so big? I can almost understand whoever ran from him before. This is one cock to only take in small doses. But better than all that is an out of control Yunho. Shit! Fuck! I can’t believe it. It felt so wonderful to have him take me like that. It felt right. God! His grip is so firm, he’s so strong, yet he manages to swing me around with just enough force not to hurt me. Even thrusting into me like that, he was still being gentle. Ah, Yunho, only you.”

Remaining still, Jaejoong used his hands to caress Yunho on top of him. The hair was plastered to the neck, the back was wet with sweat, the muscles were still clenching. He moved his hands down, caressing the strong thighs and the toned ass. Jaejoong had to admit that if Yunho had a little thing for his ass cheeks, he himself had a little big thing for Yunho’s. His eyes would always be following the man when he walked. His wandering fingers soon started to go over the crease and the tempting hole, slowly teasing softly.

Yunho felt the tentative fingers at his entrance and that finally penetrated his hazy pleasured mind. He lifted his face to look at Jaejoong who smiled tiredly at him. The slight difference in his body position made him aware of how he was still buried deep inside the smaller man. Frowning with worry, Yunho tried to ease himself out as carefully as he could, noticing how Jaejoong bit his lips to avoid making sounds but still closed his eyes hard.

-I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?
-No. Not really. Nothing that I couldn’t take.
Jaejoong smiled at the worry on Yunho’s face. But the increased distance allowed cold air to touch his erection and Jaejoong hissed.
-What is it?
Jaejoong grabbed the forgotten lube, put some on his fingers and cock, under Yunho’s slowly comprehending eyes, then he looked right at the cop’s eyes.
-Your turn.

Yunho had a moment of hesitation but the sight of the hard cock made him aware of Jaejoong’s fingers in a different way. He was now feeling anticipation grip him. His own cock twitched in response. One finger entered him and teased him. Yunho looked deep into Jaejoong’s eyes, noticing how the smaller man was studying his every reaction. The finger brushed against his prostrate and Yunho’s entire body responded, much to Jaejoong’s satisfaction.

Keeping the teasing finger moving, Jaejoong used his other hand to slap Yunho hard. The satisfied moan assured the slim man that the muscled man above him would welcome the pain, so he positioned himself and entered the tight hole immediately and in desperate need of release. Yunho welcomed the hard thrusts inside his body and used his position on top of Jaejoong to return the earlier favour, riding the man with what strength he had left.

The business man allowed the cop to ride him for a few moments, enjoying the view of the closed eyes, the parted mouth, and the full lower lip trembling. But he needed more. With a throaty laugh, Jaejoong pushed Yunho away and made him lay down flat on the bed, his ass slightly up, legs wide open. He landed a few strong slaps on the toned ass; bite the muscles on the back, the toned ass cheeks and powerful thighs. Yunho responded with appreciative moans and much to Jaejoong’s delight, he even wiggled his ass begging to be filled. That was one request the business man could not deny. He grabbed his cock, placing it just at the entrance without pushing in. It was Yunho who pushed back, gladly welcoming the hard shaft inside of him. Jaejoong adjusted their positions a little so that they could both move more easily. He noticed on the wall mirror how Yunho’s cock was bouncing around with each thrust, once again hard and full.

-Touch yourself, I want to see you come again.

Yunho shivered at the words and realised Jaejoong was watching their connected bodies on the mirror. The sight of the other man pounding into him had the cop seeing stars, once again dangerously close to an orgasm. With some difficulty because of how hard Jaejoong was moving inside him, he grabbed his own cock. Very soon, too soon, he came again, collapsing on the bed while Jaejoong chased his own orgasm inside his spent body. Yunho felt renewed pleasure shock waves as the slim man came inside him, filling his hole with warm sperm.

Jaejoong stayed on top of Yunho for some time, enjoying the warmth and hardness of the taller man’s body. Then, with a deep sigh he rolled over and stared at the ceiling.

After some minutes, the business man realised with a smile that Yunho had fallen asleep. He cupped the toned cheeks in a possessive gesture and felt pride at how his semen was dripping down Yunho’s body. Then he chuckled as he saw how his own body was still dripping Yunho’s sperm as well.

Getting up to go the bathroom was an interesting experience and one that made Jaejoong hundred percent sure he would still be limping at breakfast time. “Ah, damn. He was really trying for a third leg there.”

Ignoring the shower, Jaejoong turned the water on to fill the huge bathtub he only used as an occasional indulgence. He figured today was one of those days when he deserved a good soaking on hot water.

Returning to the room, he used a finger to Yunho’s shoulder. No reaction. He sincerely hoped he would get another visit from sleepy Yunho. He missed that side of the man that allowed him glimpses of what he really thought or wanted. With less effort than one would expect, Jaejoong grabbed Yunho and carried him to the bathroom. However, he stopped in front of a few mirrors on his way just to appreciate the view of the taller man sleeping in his arms, head in his shoulder, body completely limp. He couldn’t help but feel proud that he was the one who had left Yunho this tired, especially considering how the man had come into his room intent on ravishing him.

Jaejoong stepped into the tub, careful not to disturb Yunho in his arms. He hugged the man closer in an unconscious possessive gesture, allowing the warm water to envelope them.

lips yun

He traced that tempting full bottom lip with his finger and sighed remembering how Yunho had definitely been really close to kissing him. The beautiful man had no idea why the cop had changed his mind. And that just made him too unsure to try doing it himself. Besides, maybe kissing would be a very bad idea. Jaejoong couldn’t shake the feeling that Yunho was already curling himself around his heart.

Yunho moved his head against something soft and wondered why he felt so right. He was relaxed, warm and secure. It was feeling secure that somehow made him open his eyes. He blinked at Jaejoong’s smiling eyes. They appeared to have sparks of light in them. Yunho blinked again at how they were both naked and inside a tub. He became aware of Jaejoong’s arms around him but was too tired to move, so he hid his face on the crook of Jaejoong’s neck before mumbling with a very husky sleepy voice.

-I hate you.


Jaejoong felt as if he had been punched hard in his stomach. Of all the things he could have feared to hear this was not of them. His earth rate accelerated, his chest felt compressed and his lungs seemed not to get enough air. If Yunho was saying that when he was half asleep, he really meant it. “Oh, God! What am I doing?” He was about to get up and run away when Yunho spoke again.

-Why do I want you so much? I can’t stay away from you. I hate you. I hate you for making me feel this way.

Yunho sighed and put his arms around Jaejoong’s neck, who had slowly recovered his breathing. “He… doesn’t hate me?”

-Hummmm, you’re naked. I like it when you’re naked. Humm, gorgeous Jae.

Jaejoong felt Yunho smile against his neck and he hugged the sleepy man closer, his own arms trembling, needing the extra reassurance.
-You scared me.
-When you said you hated me.
-I hate me too, Jae.
Yunho sighed sleepily before continuing.
-I can’t help think I should hate you for real but I don’t. You just smell so good.

Jaejoong rubbed his chin slowly on Yunho’s hair and caressed the muscled back. He could understand that. He himself thought that he should hate Yunho but he didn’t; instead he hated himself for what he had done and how that made the sleepy man in his arms feel conflicted. With effort, he forced past his lips the words he knew Yunho deserved to hear for a long time already.

-I’m sorry.

-I’m sorry too.

Tears pricked his eyes and the beautiful man had to force himself not to hug Yunho too tight. A lone tear escaped down his face and Jaejoong turned his head up trying to stop himself from crying. The worst thing was being sure that Yunho would not remember in the morning, since he could feel him going back to sleep.

Chapter 36 - Gentle vs Hard

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